My name is Jason O’Neil.

I am a programmer, currently working on front-end developer tools at Culture Amp – where we build a web platform that allows companies to collect, understand and act on employee feedback so they can make their companies better places to work. I live in Perth, Western Australia. My wife is a singer and song writer. Check out her different bands – Anna O, St Ives, Sinthomes.

I use this blog to write about different things, for different audiences, so I’ve split them up into different categories / different blogs:

  • Front End Development Blog: I’m a big fan of the web as a platform, and love exploring what’s possible, what’s great to use, what’s accessible, and what’s up-and-coming for our industry. I also love getting to local web meet-ups in Perth, including the Fenders group for front-end developers.
  • Haxe Blog: a profound programming language that took me from junior developer to senior, teaching me good practice and fundamentals each step of the way. It’s a great programming language with a close-knit community that somehow never managed to get critical momentum. It’s amazing though, I usually use it for my side projects, and I’ve written a lot of “haxelibs”.
  • Personal Blog: mostly me grappling with my faith and spirituality, mixed with occasional posts about cool books or productivity habits etc. I grew up Christian, but am really wrestling to try figure out which bits I still believe and hold to be good and true. I sometimes find writing a good way to process all of that.


I’ve tried to keep the 3 blogs mildly separate, because I figure the sort of person interested in one might not be interested in another. I could be wrong though. If you want to view them all mushed together, there is this page. And I don’t want to be too technical if you’re not up for that, or too spiritual if you don’t believe any of that etc etc.

You can also find me on: twitter (@jasonaoneil), github (jasononeil) or get in touch with me hello@jasono.co