My name is Jason O’Neil.

I am a software engineer at Culture Amp – a company that improves the world of work by helping organizations invest in their people and culture. I lead the Front End Foundations team, we help Culture Amp’s 100+ engineers build the user interfaces of our software in an efficient and sustainable way by maintaining shared tools and libraries, like our Kaizen design system. I live in Perth/Boorloo, Western Australia (Noongar land). My wife is a singer and song writer. Check out her music – Anna O. I also became a dad in 2018 đź’•

I use this blog to write about different things, for different audiences, so I’ve split them up into different categories / different blogs:

  • Front End Development Blog: I’m a big fan of the web as a platform, and love exploring what’s possible, what’s great to use, what’s accessible, and what’s up-and-coming for our industry.
  • Haxe Blog: a profound programming language that took me from junior developer to senior, teaching me good practice and fundamentals each step of the way. It’s a great programming language with a close-knit community that somehow never managed to get critical momentum. It’s amazing though, I usually use it for my side projects, and I’ve written a lot of “haxelibs”.
  • Personal Blog: mostly me grappling with my faith and spirituality, mixed with occasional posts about cool books or productivity habits etc. I grew up Christian, and am learning that how you live and love is more important than what you believe to be factual. I guess I’d describe myself a agnostic/mystic christian. I sometimes find writing a good way to process all of that.

I’ve tried to keep the categories mildly separate, because I figure the sort of person interested in one might not be interested in another. I could be wrong though. If you want to view them all mushed together, there is this page. And I don’t want to be too technical if you’re not up for that, or too spiritual if you don’t want to hear any of that etc etc.

You can also find me on: mastodon (@[email protected]), github (jasononeil), linkedin or get in touch with me [email protected]