My name is Jason O’Neil.

I’m 26, living in Perth (Australia) and married to a pretty amazing woman.

I’m a programmer, designer and an aspiring entrepreneur. I want to make my life’s work about using technology and design to help improve education throughout the world. You’ll find me writing about this on the Edtech Blog.

My programming language of choice is Haxe, I started learning it at the end of my uni degree in 2009, and have pretty much given up on using anything else – I like it that much. I’ve written several “haxelibs” – libraries that other people can use, and have been involved in the community, so you’ll also find me writing about Haxe stuff in the Haxe Blog.

Finally, I have chosen to be a christian. I also believe in evolution, have gay friends, usually vote Greens and generally try to keep my head screwed on. Just thought I better get that in before you completely dismiss me. But I write about my faith a fair bit, trying to understand myself and the world more clearly. See these posts, as well as anything else that’s there just because I’m interested in it (work habits etc), in my Personal Blog.

I’ve tried to keep the 3 blogs separate, because I figure the sort of person interested in one might not be interested in another. I could be wrong though. If you want to view them all mushed together, there is this page. And I don’t want to be too technical if you’re not up for that, or too spiritual if you don’t believe any of that etc etc.

You can also find me on: twitter (@jayoneil), github (jasononeil) or get in touch with me hello@jasono.co